Are You Sitting Comfortably?

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Then I’ll begin.

Get ready for reviews and wafflings and stuff. Despite a delayed start due to a nasty cold at the start of year I’m gearing up to clear the review backlog and plough right on into 2019.

Reviews will be thrown up in no particular order and after the initial slew of posts I’m sure things will slow down to a steadier pace for a while. (At least until the Mayhem of International Pop Overthrow Liverpool later in the year!)

Stay tuned!

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An apology

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Sorry for the lack of posting for the last few months.
I will attempt to play catch up very soon.
In the meantime, I will be posting a few festive music favourites over at my personal blog here.

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CD Review – Over The Years by Graham Nash

Disc one of this set is a  fifteen track retrospective of Graham Nash post Hollies. It’s a great starting point for folks just discovering his work as well as a handy collection for the more long-standing fans to keep in the car or something.

Disc two is the real treasure of this release. It’s a collection of fourteen previously unreleased, original demo recordings for some of his best-known songs. Most offer acoustic versions of classics, allowing the listener to see how the songs developed from simple tunes into something iconic. Fascinating stuff.

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Graham Nash – The Lowry, Salford 29th July 2018

I almost didn’t venture out to this concert. I was feeling under the weather and not much like leaving the house, but as I was meeting up with friends I don’t see in real life very often, I pulled myself together and went. I am so grateful that I was meeting Andrea, Andrew and their daughter Holly because it turns out that seeing Graham Nash and hanging out with fellow fans was exactly the medicine I needed that day. 

After a quick catch up, I took my seat in the Lyric Theatre at The Lowry ready to see Graham play his first ever solo hometown gig. Yes, he’s played Manchester before but he’s from my side of the River Irwell so this was something special.

The show opened with Wasted On The Way, which is my favourite CSN song. I was already a bit over-emotional so this brought tears (of joy). With barely time to recover from the first song I finally got to hear him sing Bus Stop! Other friends had heard it performed on a Crosby/Nash tour, but I had missed out on that one. It was followed by King Midas In Reverse, keeping the Hollies theme going.

We were treated to amazing tight and crisp harmonies from Graham and his fellow musicians. The sound was more Hollies harmonies that CSN ones, which gave a different sound to some of the songs. While I prefer the more laid-back harmonies, this brought a freshness to some of the songs that made you listen that little bit more. The venue sound was incredible, which coupled with the talent present on stage amplified the sheer joy the concert projected.

Part way through the first half, off mic, Graham said he’d never thought he’d be saying it but it was too hot in Salford. Amusingly, it was one of the cooler days of the heatwave we’d been having.

Following an atmospheric Wind On The Water with a crowd-pleasing cover of A Day In The Life, we were carried into the interval. I popped down to the second row to see how my friends were enjoying it. I was seated further back in slightly cheaper seats. It’s always reassuring to know that I’m not the only person reduced to tears at gigs, and Andrea gave me advance warning of a couple of things in the second half as they had already seen a show on this tour.

Part two began with the familiar sound of Marrakesh Express and then since Hollies drummer Bobby Elliot was in the audience, we got an added bonus of On A Carousel segueing into Carrie-Anne. I could feel my cheeks aching I was grinning so much!  A little later we also got Cold Rain, a song penned on the steps of the Midland Hotel in town, all adding to the specialness of this hometown gig.

The set list gave a nod to both Stephen Stills and David Crosby with the inclusion of 4+20 and Orleans. The latter lead into a breathtaking version of Cathedral. Staying at the keyboard Graham ended this section of the show with an audience singalong to Our House.

The encore consisted of Chicago, which reminded us that we can change the world, a cover of the Buddy Holly song Every Day showcasing the vocal talents of the trio, and finally the classic Teach Your Children with lyrics that still ring true across the generations today.

Then it was out into the gentle Salford drizzle to wait for the lift. I have never felt more at home.

My unedited photos are here.

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International Pop Overthrow Liverpool Videos and Photos.

In an attempt to catch up here’s a 16 video playlist from International Pop Overthrow Liverpool 2018. Featuring  Erin Black and The Devil’s Hand (2 videos), Micah Gilbert, Thee Wylde Fuzz Show (2 videos) Picnic Republic, mylittlebrother (3 videos), Lloyd and Daly, Spygenius (2 videos) and Dave Rave (4 videos)


And here’s the final collection of photos from the event – use the arrows to navigate the images. (Click here to view the album on flickr if you prefer)


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An Apology

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I have neglected this blog for a little while. I am sorry. Hopefully things are now back on track and I will post more often.

Over the next week or so I will catch up with previously planned posts and begin to post news and stuff as and when it occurs, with reviews and longer pieces coming when the muse grabs me.

I hope you enjoy the updates and stick around. The blog now has an instagram feed and I am trying out having a FaceBook page again.

There’s going to be the occasional change in  the way things look here while I try a few new things out but it should hopefully all be for the better.

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Thank You David

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As International Pop Overthrow Liverpool comes to an end for another year (expect a bumper post soon with photos and videos) I want to take a little time here to thank David Bash. International Pop Overthrow is his baby and sixteen years ago with the help of Jean Catharell he brought it over to Liverpool. Jean also recruited me as one of the merch girls, a role I had for a few years till it got a bit much for me and I became a punter instead. (Thank you Jean!)

May has become a magical time for me due to the amazing life-long friendships I have gained over the years. (The first two Liverpool events were later in the year, it moved to May for the third event.) And each year I gain more.

So thank you David, and Rina too, for all these years of friendship and the people and music you have brought into my life.

See you in 2019!

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