Seven Gig Photographs – Day Seven

This isn’t my original choice for today. However in the light that it’s very unlikely I’ll get to see this bloke on stage again here’s one of Rick Parfitt on stage in Manchester on the final Frantic Four tour a couple of years ago. I feel pretty blue today.

Details of the announcement regarding Rick’s health can by found on the official Status Quo page here.¬†


For those wondering, my original choice for today was Steve Hackett at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall with Nad Sylvan on vocals.


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Seven Gig Photographs – Day Six

Day Six

Elvis Costello. It wasn’t till I looked through my Costello photos that I realised that for the last three times I’ve seen him I’ve been in almost the same seat! This means I have three gigs worth of him from almost the same angle. At his solo show he moved around the stage a bit and so this one was a bit different to the other shots.


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Seven Gig Photographs – Day Three

Day Three

Judith Durham of the Seekers. Pretty sure this was during the spiritual bit of the gig, so apt for a Sunday. This was an amazing concert, the shows were initially delayed while Judith recovered from a brain haemorrhage. I picked this one because I love the gold of her outfit against the purple of background and there is so much gusto in her expression.


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Seven Gig Photographs – Day One

Over of some other social media platform I was tagged to do a seven day challenge posting gig photographs. I have dutifully made my selection and am posting them daily until Thursday. And as it’s music related I thought I’d share them here too. The photos are not necessarily from the best gigs I’ve been, not even my favourite gigs, but they are what I consider to be my favourite and/or best concert shots. They are all uncropped – and all reproduced a little small here, but that’s because they were sized for another medium.

Day One –

I’m going to start with this shot of Dan Smith of Bastille as the new album is out today. I was taking photos for VJ as it was her first concert and I took her phone from her so she could enjoy it properly. The whole thing was backlit making it difficult to get good photos. (We were in the balcony) Love this one though.


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Micky Dolenz at the Cavern Club

Thanks to my lovely friend Lauren taking my camera down into the hot, sweaty, crowded Cavern Club for Micky’s first show of the day I got to see some of the show. (Curse of working over big events is you get to miss stuff, and I am so very grateful to those who helped me out in experiencing the guest I wanted to see the most and it turns out never got to see in person!)

Anyway, here’s a playlist of the four songs she videoed on my camera. Mary Mary, That Was Then This Is Now, Johnny B Goode and Daydream Believer.

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Micky Dolenz Interview at International Beatle Week 2016

Here’s Micky Dolenz’s interview at Beatle Week this year. He was interviewed by Mark Lewisohn who asked some really good questions regarding the Monkees and the Beatles. And there’s even a tale about Brian Wilson somewhere in part two (I think it’s towards the end)

Some NSFW language (in part two I think)

With special thanks to my friend Mark who took my camera up to the venue and filmed this while I was in work so I could see the interview. (I am very grateful, and I’m sorry it made your arms ache)

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