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Friday Night

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Out with Jacqui and Brian who write the Minty and the Beeb blog on Friday night. Please do go look at their blog, they are very comprehensive in their daily posts, they take notes and everything! Click here to take a look. Spread the love

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Honeybug – International Pop Overthrow Liverpool

I only really caught one band due to work today, and to leaving early to get some rest for tomorrow which will be a longer stint.  But as that band was Honeybug this was indeed a major highlight of the event. I love this band and all who sail in her. There’s been various line-ups over the decade that I… Read more »

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B-Leaguers – International Pop Overthrow Liverpool

Poor wifi stopped play last night. Couldn’t see what had sent and what hadn’t. Anyway, highlight of the night was both B-Leaguers sets. I was supposed to go home after the first one but stayed for the later set too because I enjoyed it so much. Fab to hear the stuff off the new album played live (and fast and… Read more »

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COMPLESSO GLI ILLUMUNATI – International Pop Overthrow Liverpool

This band from Vatican City singing about God did not sound as I expected. They were very heavy, far heavier than you would expect from a Catholic rock band. The lead singing prowled the audience and even on borrowed instruments the band really brought it. I only got a brief snippet of video but hopefully it’s gives you an inkling… Read more »

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Dave Rave Has Arrived

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Dave Rave (right) wandered into my work today. So strange seeing him so early in the event. He usually turns up at the end just as a lot of folks have left. Always a pleasure. He’s pictured here with his guitarist for this tour Chris Wheeler. Looking forward to seeing the set on Sunday night. Spread the love

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