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Dave Rave Has Arrived

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Dave Rave (right) wandered into my work today. So strange seeing him so early in the event. He usually turns up at the end just as a lot of folks have left. Always a pleasure. He’s pictured here with his guitarist for this tour Chris Wheeler. Looking forward to seeing the set on Sunday night. Spread the love

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I may have overestimated the power of the Cavern wifi at busy times as all my posts were sent after I emerged into the land of phone data connection this evening.  It’s all a lot busier from here on in but I’ll do my best to keep up.  Remember that at some point I’ll be adding more photos, links and… Read more »

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Lloyd and Daly – International Pop Overthrow

Technical hitches marred the planned set by Dave Lloyd, but he wasn’t going to let a mere snafu stop the show. Instead of whatever delights we were going to get from the planned trio of musicians we got a Lloyd and Daly set of some nice easy listening type covers. Dave was as entertaining as ever and and Lauren’s guitar… Read more »

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mylittlebrother – International Pop Overthrow

Day one and I think I’ve already found my new favourite band. Fab harmonies, instantly catchy songs and such enthusiasm for being here! Honestly, these guys made me smile for the whole set. I’m already looking forward to them coming back next year! (Is it May yet?) I’ll be adding links once I’m at a keyboard but look them up… Read more »

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