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Review – The Beatles: All Our Yesterdays

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I’ve seen a couple of graphic novels telling the story of the Beatles. Some try and cram too much into a small book, others over egg the narrative with knowing references. This one concentrates on the story of the group up to the release of their first single. It’s by no means a comprehensive study of the period, but it… Read more »

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CD Review – Death Of A Western Heart by B-Leaguers

With dynamic basslines, some of which would fit in with classic rock bands, and searing Ramones influenced guitars coupled with the distinct vocal stylings of James Styring (The Popdogs) this power-pop offering is, quite frankly, bloody marvellous! Each track becomes such an instant favourite that it’s hard to pick out the highlights but if pushed then my favourites are Death Of… Read more »

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CD Review – In Animal Character by Bruise

I received this CD around Christmas time but have only just been able to give it the time it deserves. On their social network sites Bruise describe themselves as Nu Folk (facebook) and Progressive Folk (twitter), but my only labels for them are Jim and Isobel who I have known now for several years. (Which is my way of declaring… Read more »

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