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Music Makes

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I hope that you forgive the blatant plug but I have an Etsy page for my jewellery makes and there are some music related items on there. So far it’s mainly Beatles stuff but there are some Monkees items due to go up on there next week and plenty more stuff to come. Click here to visit the shop. Spread… Read more »

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An Apology

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What can I say, back in February when I started this new music blog I had the best of intentions but occasionally real life has other ideas. Let’s start again shall we? New content will be with you this evening and I will shift some of the old Sisterbluebird blog posts to here too. (I think I can back date… Read more »

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Richard Langham

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One of the perks of where I work is that we have some interesting visitors. The other week Richard Langham popped by. He worked for EMI in the 60s and is the last remaining member of the production/technical team to work on the Please Please Me album for the Beatles.  He was very nice and happily shared his stories with… Read more »

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Oooh It’s All New and Shiny!

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Welcome to my new music blog. I decided to move everything onto webspace that I’ve been paying for but haven’t actually used in a while. This has led to a name change for the blog too. SisterBluebird is no more, but all the post are still online at but the URL currently points here (and eventually will stop working… Read more »

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