John Wetton

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Deeply saddened at the passing of John Wetton. Loved getting a chance to see him with Asia. Thoughts today are with his family, friends and fans. 

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Suggested listening from John’s band mate and friend, Geoff Downes

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Celebrate Macca’s 75th Birthday in Liverpool

Jackie Spencer, Beatle Guide extraordinaire, is doing a special Paul McCartney birthday tour this June. In the past I’ve done both Paul and George days organised by Jackie and they are so much fun. The individual tour days are far more in depth than regular tours and Jackie loves to add little unusual touches and surprises on the way too.

Follow the link here to check out the details of the Paul McCartney Day and stay tuned to her website as I believe there’s a George day in the works too.

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Preparing for Cilla’s Unveiling. 

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The current scene outside the Cavern Walks building on Mathew Street in Liverpool as they prepare a statue of Cilla Black ready for its unveiling on Monday.  As you can see they are keeping it under wraps for now. 

The statue is just a short way down the street from the Cavern Club. Of course, Cilla famous worked in the cloakroom of the original club before finding fame as a singer.

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Prog Mag Facebook Group

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Over the festive period the new broke that TeamRock was going in administration and that Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog magazines were shutting up shop because of it. Sad news as my experience (via social media) of those involved showed a passion for their subjects rather than it just being a job.  Anyway, for any Prog fans on facebook there is a group to show support for the magazine in the hopes of aiding a rescue of the title.

Click here to go there. 

Oh, and if you see a copy of Prog issue 72 about there’s a fine and rare interview with Vangelis in there and there is due to be a final issue hitting the shelves too.

UPDATE – Future Publishing has acquired the rights to the Team rocket properties and the magazines will be continuing.

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