New Single From The Suns

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I came across The Suns via the International Pop Overthrow festival, and got to see them supporting The Zombies a few years ago too.

The first single from their forthcoming new album is available digitally now from various places – iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Soundcloud (see below)

Give it a listen, I’m just about to stick it on my mp3 player for travelling.

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B-Leaguers New Video

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One of the bad things about not posting for a while is that I didn’t tell you all about the new release by B-Leaguers. They have three awesome tracks on an album split with Hooligan Crooners.

You can get a download and/or a physical version of the album by clicking here.

And if you want to know what you are letting yourself in for check out the video below for the song “World Famous (In A Little Town)”  Loving it guys!! More soon please?!

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Iron Maiden–Manchester May 8th 2017

IMG_20170510_160724-01Venue – Manchester Arena
Gig Buddy – Paul J
Gig Booty – Trooper Beer T-shirt and bar towel



This was an interesting gig. It’s been a good few years before I’ve even attempted to be at the front of a standing gig. Usually at the Arena I opt for seats just to be able to pause for a little while and rest my weary bones, however this time around I ended up with a standing ticket. My original plan was to leave my gig buddy to get himself down the front while I hovered at the back where there was space and just hope to be able to catch a glimpse of the show on the stage. Then Paul got picked for First To The Barrier Wristbands. What can I say, I had to give it a chance. I reasoned that if it became too much I could just duck back and revert to the original plan. It turns out that I stayed there at the front (off to the side, I’m not insane) for the whole gig and got to see the show from a completely different perspective than usual. Largely ignorant of the vast crowd behind me, it was brilliant to get to see the band up close.  We were right below one of the pedestals so Bruce would often appear right above us.

About a third of the set list was from the latest album, Book Of Souls, including the title track. The rest were a cross section of well known songs, all very much appreciated by the die-hards down the front. Theatrics included Eddie’s heart being ripped from his body, offered in sacrifice and finally flung out into the eager audience. The energy from the stage was almost tangible at these close quarters. I may have ended up with sore feet and back ache but it was worth it to see just how much fun seems to be had on the stage. Plus the negatives were definitely out-shone by the sheer joy of enjoying the music. I still can’t believe this was my first gig of the year, I know I’m starting earlier next year, no fear!

As you may be able to tell I got some reasonably good photos on my little camera, and although it seems like I took a lot I really did spend most of my time taking in as much of the show as I could. The interplay between everyone on stage was entertaining and this is a band that knows how to work a crowd whether you are at the front or at the back. Bruce leapt around the stage with such energy that I was knackered just watching and it was good to see that the recent health scare hadn’t taken any of that performance away. Maiden is always good value for your ticket money and this show was no exception.  If fate decreed this  to be the last time I get to see them live, I couldn’t complain. It was an amazing night.


Click here to see the unedited photoset of flickr.


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Schedule for International Pop Overthrow Liverpool 2017

The schedules are up for IPO Liverpool 2017!

This is the moment the regulars pop over to see who’s back and when they are playing, and to begin research on the artists we aren’t familiar with. May isn’t far away and logistics need working out.

IPO Liverpool is one of my favourite times of year, it’s right up there with Christmas. It means there’s a large amount of friends in the city and there’s a whole bunch of music to enjoy.

I am ducking out of the Saturday of the event this year, but I do have a note from my mum. This means I’ll miss seeing a few acts I would normally be there for. However the Minty and The Beeb Go Gigging Blog offers fabulous reports on the whole shebang every year.

Looking back over last year’s posts from the event, they ended up a little ramshackle as I tried to “live blog” events. I totally plan on trying this again! Apologies in advance for that! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a glance at the posts from May last year. I shall endeavour to be a little more detailed this year. I may even take notes.

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Latest Music Related Makes on Etsy

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Sorry for the blatant plugs, but I do really quite like and am proud of the stuff I make.

Latest additions to my etsy shop –

The plectrum necklaces are all limited. I make them when I come across the plectrums and I don’t have many of these left, just one or two.

I’m really pleased with this Grateful Dead/Acid Rock design. The little Dead bear is hanging from the chemical symbol for LSD.


I’m working on some Motley Crue plectrum stuff, more Beatles designs and possibly some prog rock themed stuff. Stay tuned!

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