Review – The Beatles: All Our Yesterdays

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20170209_143341I’ve seen a couple of graphic novels telling the story of the Beatles. Some try and cram too much into a small book, others over egg the narrative with knowing references. This one concentrates on the story of the group up to the release of their first single. It’s by no means a comprehensive study of the period, but it does include lots of people who seem to be getting lost in the modern Beatle World. These include Allan Williams, Mona Best, Bob Wooler, Astrid, Klaus and Jurgen. Brian Epstein is included too, but he did have a whole graphic novel to himself not too long ago – it’s well worth seeking out by the way.

Back to the book in hand – well just recently put down to be accurate -I enjoyed reading it. It’s not earth-shattering, it’s not telling fans anything they didn’t know, but it is a good way to bring the story to a newer audience. Graphic novels are hugely popular, some even escape into mainstream shops like HMV so it’s a good medium to reach out in, and there is a growing library of rock and pop graphic biographies out there. I know that the author has been visiting schools with this one to promote students going into Arts based studies, and I can see how the story within can be used in that way.

I’m certain that you can sit and nit-pick over various bits of this book, but the story is carried out well and it’s a nice easy read. By that I mean it flowed well, not that it is too simplistic. You just need to turn off your mind, relax and remember it’s not something that’s necessarily aimed at the die-hards, it’s to entice and bewitch another generation with the tale of the early Beatles.  The further reading is up to them.

20170209_141624The Beatles: All Our Yesterdays is published by Campfire Graphic Novels and retails at £12.99. If you happen to pop into The Beatles Shop in Liverpool all their current stock is signed by the author Jason Quinn.

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Pondering on past losses.

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Losing musicians affects me in different ways. Sometimes I can play the music in celebration of all that they were and other times I need to avoid hearing them for a little while as it makes me feel far too sad.

At the moment parts of my music collection are still laying low from 2016. I was just about beginning to listen to ELP again after losing Emerson when we lost Lake. I have become so emotionally attached to some of the tracks that hearing them becomes difficult when you realise the artist has gone.

I know it’s something that I will need to get used to, after all my tastes err towards classic rock and nobody is getting any younger but still it kind of hit me hard today as I was listening to one of my favourite tunes by a favourite living artist and I realised that the day I won’t be able to listen to it for a while is going to come along sooner rather than later. It’s not going to stop me listening or being a fan. I know that the feelings will pass. I could listen to Yes and appreciate the lovely bass work of Chris Squires again after a short while.

I thought delving back into Quo would take longer but a weekend of over indulging in the band in the company of a good friend pretty much sorted that.

So, for now, some of my music collection remains untouched until I can listen again without realising that I won’t be entertained by tweets by John Wetton when I’m online, that there’s a finite amount of things left to see the light of day. There’s no set time limit to when it becomes less sad, but the music always comes through in the end, because it’s all we need to remember.

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UPDATED – Big Beatles Anniversary Coming Up!

In July it will be 60 years since the fateful day that John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met and set the wheels in motion that would change musical history forever.

The moment happened at St Peter’s Church Hall in Woolton village and six decades on the church is celebrating the event and the magic of community with events running from July 6th through to the 9th.

Events are just being announced, and I know there’s plenty more to come as time goes on.  You can keep up to date via the website at and at the facebook page set up for the event.

Additional Information – Things are shaping up nicely for this event and the news page on the site now has information about some of the stuff that’s happening including an special appearance by past Beatle Week favourites The Prellies, fab new Beatle band The Babyfaced Beatles and details of the Cavern City Tours event on the Thursday of the epic celebration weekend.

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A Farewell To SisterBluebird

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If anyone is still using the URL to get to this blog you need to update your bookmarks by July when the URL ceases to be mine. It will be up for grabs at whatever the going rate is then.
The old blogger version of this blog will also disappear very soon. I think I have a few more posts to import over here to keep for old times sake, but after that I’ll be taking the blogger site down.
I’m liking this version of the blog a lot and it means I’m finally using webspace that I’ve been paying for all these years and not using to the fullest!

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John Wetton

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Deeply saddened at the passing of John Wetton. Loved getting a chance to see him with Asia. Thoughts today are with his family, friends and fans. 

Additional –

Suggested listening from John’s band mate and friend, Geoff Downes

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Celebrate Macca’s 75th Birthday in Liverpool

Jackie Spencer, Beatle Guide extraordinaire, is doing a special Paul McCartney birthday tour this June. In the past I’ve done both Paul and George days organised by Jackie and they are so much fun. The individual tour days are far more in depth than regular tours and Jackie loves to add little unusual touches and surprises on the way too.

Follow the link here to check out the details of the Paul McCartney Day and stay tuned to her website as I believe there’s a George day in the works too.

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Preparing for Cilla’s Unveiling. 

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The current scene outside the Cavern Walks building on Mathew Street in Liverpool as they prepare a statue of Cilla Black ready for its unveiling on Monday.  As you can see they are keeping it under wraps for now. 

The statue is just a short way down the street from the Cavern Club. Of course, Cilla famous worked in the cloakroom of the original club before finding fame as a singer.

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